Jaadooghar is committed to a policy of freedom in travel, which is why we understand that something may cause you to cancel your reservation with us. Your cancellation options can always be found at Bookings >> My Account >> My Bookings. Just click or tap on the Booking that you wish to cancel and you’ll find a Cancel Booking option there.

A table at this page will also keep you informed of what your cancellation fees will be based on the time of your cancellation (calculated as per the local time zone of the listing). Depending on the date of your booking, your check-in date and the date of your cancellation, your cancellation fees and refund amount will be calculated and displayed. Generally, if you cancel within 3 days of booking (including the date of booking), it is free cancellation minus the convenience fees. If you cancel after the said 3 days period, it is 50% refund minus the convenience fees, while if you cancel 3 days before check-in (excluding the date of check-in), then it is 10% refund minus the convenience fees. This general timeline gets affected if you make the booking close to the check-in date and cancel i.e. irrespective of the date of booking, if the cancellation is done within 3 days of check-in (excluding the date of check-in), only 10% refund (minus convenience fees) shall be issued.  For exact cancellation fee, please refer to the “My Bookings” section of your account on the website.

Partial cancellations of number of rooms, number of days and number of persons will not be permitted.

Once you cancel your reservation with us, your refund amount will reflect in your bank account within 7 (Seven) working days.

The Cancellation and Refund Policy shall be read in conjunction with the Website Terms of Use