Trekking and Plantation Tour

Trek along the scenic hills, shola forests and plantations of the area. Watch and learn about the bird and flora species as you take a walk around. You can opt for long treks or take leisurely walks to the stream and waterfall in the property, or even take a dip in the stream 😉 you can also take an educational walk to the hydro system in the property and learn how power is generated here from our hosts!

The hosts would love to indulge you in an informative tour of the farm to show how coffee is grown sustainably and what it takes to give you your morning cup of joy. Here’s a gist of the life cycle of the coffee plant. The shrub is planted organically which grows up to 30 feet in height. It then grows into multiple stems…. Ah no, we’ll let all that be for the tour! 😉 Jaadooghar Recommends: Since the farm is home to a host of species and trek worthy routes, do carry a pair of sport shoes to fully enjoy all the activities around.



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