Jaadooghar Srinagar (Jade), Jammu and Kashmir

Up to 34 Guests
17 Rooms
Breakfast Included
Pet Friendly
Common Areas
In-house Restaurant
Electric Kettle


Jaadooghar Srinagar Jade, located in the picturesque valley of Kashmir, is a breathtaking destination with an incredible panorama of stunning beauty and unparalleled serenity. With an aim to resurrect and immortalise traditional practices in design, cuisine and hospitality, this property brings forth to you the authentic Kashmir. The welcoming serving of Kahwa, the use of vintage hand-made tiles for flooring, the cherished garden that is the pride of every Kashmiri household, and the craft visible in the intricately carved furniture that complements the contemporary elegance of the benches, chairs, tables, and couches, all contribute to this vision

Situated on the foothills of the Zabarwan Hills, just a short distance away from the renowned Mughal garden in the peaceful Harwan Village, the location of the property is in good proximity to other highlights of Srinagar.

Known for its delectable cuisine, rich in flavours and aromas, the food is prepared with spices like saffron, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves, paired with local dried fruits. The exquisite taste of Kashmiri cuisine is a combination of savoury and sweet, making it a delight for foodies. The ingredients are locally sourced, sustainable, and organic, with many coming straight from the property’s own garden.

The public areas of this boutique hotel like the open lounge, stairways, and corridors leading to the guest rooms feature captivating black and white photography, depicting the local populace engaged in their daily routines, offering a unique glimpse into their lives. Jaadooghar Srinagar Jade is more than just a hotel; it’s an embodiment of the Kashmiri spirit, a place where you can truly feel at home.


Special Kashmiri Buffet - Wazwan

For the culinary enthusiasts, Jaadooghar Kashmir puts together Kashmir’s most traditional meal - the Wazwan. Wazwan is a ritual serving before the guests of all the food there is in the house. This taste of hospitality must in turn be fully appreciated by the guests, for the wazwan is not a simple meal but a ceremony. Hours of cooking go into the making and serving of a wazwan, therefore usually restricted to occasions of celebration at homes. Dishes are each made from fresh produce of the region and garnished with aromatic herbs. Choice delicacies such as Methi and Tabakmaaz, Roganjosh, Rista, and a variety of kebabs and vegetable preparations are served.

Note: Option of 4 course and 7 course meals are available upon pre-order. This is a paid experience payable at the property.

A visit to the Dachigam National Park and Treks

Visit the famous Dachigam National Park with a naturalist and required permit and enjoy a guided tour of the national park with the immense knowledge of the flora and fauna of the naturalist. You can either enjoy this park on foot or do an electric car tour (seats 5 people).

You can also opt for trekking along with the hospitable property staff to some hidden gems of the area.

A walk in the bylanes of Shehar-E-Khaas

The old city of Srinagar is the hub of most crafts of the valley. Popularly known as Shehr–e- Khaas, the old city is a labyrinth of arterial roads and bustling bazaars. A tour of the old city reveals distinct sights, smells and sounds which have never failed to mesmerise its passersby. Different areas of Shehr-e-Khaas are known for a specialised art, craft or produce of Kashmir as the demographics of the city are such that during the ancient times, people settled in different areas of Shehr –e- Khaas based on their occupations. Be it the Harissa of AaliKadal or the Khatamband of Safakadal, the Tilla Dozi in Khanqah or the Crewel embroidery of Nowhatta, the old city of Srinagar has something special for you at every step. This heritage walking tour takes you through its streets and introduces you to its specialities step by step.

Note: The tour takes about half a day and is a paid experience.

Bonfire Evenings

Jaadooghar Nadis warmly organises enchanting bonfires to illuminate the chilly nights of the valley, providing a cosy haven that lasts for a delightful three hours.


Up to 2+1 Guests ( In each room)
Electric Kettle

Village View

Prices start at : ₹10,442.51/- per night (includes taxes and fees)

Mountain View

Prices start at : ₹12,014.50/- per night (includes taxes and fees)

Jaadooghar Srinagar (Jade)’s rooms are thoughtfully designed to offer a relaxing and comfortable stay for our guests. The interiors of our rooms are artfully crafted to create a harmonious balance between classic and contemporary styles. The décor and furnishings have been carefully selected to create a warm and inviting ambiance that will make you feel right at home. Please note that prices mentioned are for 1 guest per room (extra guests charged separately).


Located at a distance of about 27 kms from the Srinagar Airport in Kashmir, you can take a taxi from the airport to the property (pickup can also be arranged by the property on a chargeable basis). The property is situated on the foothills of the Zabarwan Hills, just a short distance away from the renowned Mughal garden in the peaceful Harwan Village. Srinagar can also be reached via road from Delhi or Chandigarh, which are at a distance of about 801.7 kms and 579.5 kms respectively.


The property has an in-house chef and in-house kitchen and dining space. Breakfast is included in the tariff while other meals can be ordered separately. Meals are served at fixed timings in the dining hall of the property at the following times:

Breakfast 7:30 to 10:30, last order at 10:00 AM

Lunch 12:30 to 3:30, last order at 3:00 PM

Dinner 7:30 to 10:30, last order at 10:00 PM