Have you ever found yourself debating the “Hotels vs Homestays” question while booking your travel? Ever wonder why one should go for a homestay when there are hotels in the world? Or do you belong to the tribe that is not familiar with the concept of a homestay itself? In any case, we’re here to answer these and other questions about homestays and why we think they are better than hotels!

The concept of homestays is quite simple. These are ‘homely’ accommodations that local families provide to those who come to tour their city. This accommodation may be a part of their home, or some separate premises like a flat / cottage / villa on their land or an independent bed and breakfast (BnB) place managed by a host remotely. While both hotels and homestays take care of your accommodation needs, there is a considerable difference between the two. Hotels are commercial establishments, usually much larger in size and scale, while homestays are boutique accommodations constructed and designed to replicate the experience of a ‘home away from home’.

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose homestays over hotels:

1. A commercial VS personalized experience.

Hotels are largely commercial establishments, providing a standardized assembly-line customer experience. While this type of homogeneity is preferred by a few, a lot many also prefer flexible customized services. The host is an all-encompassing guide +caretaker +butler, a service that you wouldn’t find in hotels.

Jaadooghar’s glamping domes in Mallandur, Chikmagalur, Karnataka
Jaadooghar’s glamping domes in Mallandur, Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Big commercial hotels are usually located in prominent areas of the city to increase accessibility. In this hustle bustle, travellers miss out on the offbeat and undiscovered places that are slightly inaccessible, but much more pristine. Hotels also cannot provide the privacy and the space that a homestay or a BnB can.

For instance, a hotel cannot operate in a small hilly village in the middle of a coffee estate, surrounded by a lush jungle, a location where we have hosts successfully running glamping domes! Imagine enjoying such nature views with your loved ones, and the smell of ‘ghar ka khaana’ streaming in through the unpolluted air. Homestays are already winning this battle.

2. Experiences to fill your box of memories

Jaadooghar at Chikmagalur, Karnataka situated in a sprawling coffee estate
Jaadooghar at Chikmagalur, Karnataka situated in a sprawling coffee estate

We’ve already spoken about how homestays often come with hosts and caretakers. And so while online or printed guides may not always capture the true essence of the location you’re visiting, your host can fill you in on all the hidden gems. They can tell you where to go, what to see, what to eat, where to shop, how to get there, how to avoid tourists. They can point you to the picturesque routes and bypasses making exploration easier and traveling more fun.

For example, if you book a stay at Jaadooghar Chikmagalur which is in the midst of a sprawling coffee estate, the hosts give you a personal guided tour of the estate and explain the life cycle of how coffee is created.

The cultural experience of living in a homestay is what you can never get in a hotel. Homestays give you insight into the lives of the locals, how they interact, celebrate, eat and even dress up for that matter.

3. The ‘Ghar Ka Khaana’ FOMO

Have you ever loved the location you are staying in but wished you could have home-cooked meals instead of the cookie-cutter commercial preparations that lack both taste and authenticity? Yes, we have all been there. Here’s another reason why we say ‘Homestays for the win!’

In hotels, the cuisine is frequently not as authentic and regional because it is typically westernized; the buffets are all the same, the menus never change! However, the excellent home-cooked cuisine without an over-the-top preparation is unquestionably the finest part of staying in a homestay. It allows you to learn about local cuisine and what goes into its preparation. Himachal rahe aur Bir ka Siddhu nahi khaaya toh kya kiya? Coorg rahe aur vaha ka Kadampattu nahi khaaya toh kya kiya? Jaadooghar homestays are known for providing you with the most authentic regional cuisine of your location.

4. Saving the Gandhis

Another reason to pick a homestay over a hotel is that it is usually less expensive, when compared to luxury hotels, but with almost all and more facilities to boot. With spacious rooms adorned with breathtaking views and fancy exterior, you also get a kitchen, dining space, washing machine, work desk and a ‘far from home, yet home’ experience without burning a hole in your pocket.

5. It’s HOMEstay for a reason

If you choose to stay in a homestay, you will be looked after by the entire family. The hosts go to considerable lengths to ensure that all of their visitors’ needs are met. This is an intangible aspect of a homestay and although it cannot be quantified in monetary terms, the experience of receiving hospitality of such a nature is truly priceless. As they say in Spanish ‘Mi casa es su casa’ or ‘my home is your home’.

Unlike homestays where you get the undivided attention of the hosts, the hotel experience is much colder and of the commercial bent. You do not get the same hospitality and all additional services are chargeable.

So if you want a truly authentic, localized and rooted experience, stay in a homestay rather than a hotel. How might you get such an elaborate experience? Jaadooghar is right here for you! We offer a worthwhile experience at offbeat locations with our pristine homestays. If you enjoy traveling, you may be familiar with the notion of homestays, but if you aren’t, it’s something you should do at least once in your life. Hotels can provide lavish services, but homestays can leave you with memories worth a lifetime!

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