Travel apps

Travelling for either business or pleasure has never been easier given the surge of mobile applications (apps) that aid in all crucial aspects of travel – planning, booking, scouting and exploration. Add to that the accessibility of all the below-named apps on both Android and iOS making them a must-have on every avid traveller’s phone:


Audio Compass is a hassle-free application developed in India specifically for sightseeing. The app is built to provide a personal tour guide on your mobile which contains thousands of audio clips narrated by expert tour guides as well as locals for all major travel destinations across India. It is also the official application of ‘Incredible India’ and has recently emerged as a disruptor in the travel market.

The best thing about this app is that it works without an unbroken internet connection and is very well-suited to people who are not familiar with a native language or the local accent of the place they are visiting, as all audio clips on the app are available in English.

Google Translate

We all use Google Maps and Google Chrome but what we usually miss out on is Google Translate. It is a very useful app developed by Google for reducing the communication gap created by languages. This app can translate up to 108 languages! All you need to do is type in what you want to communicate/translate in your chosen language and it will present translations in the language of your choice. This app has another revolutionary feature – if you just point your camera towards some foreign text, not only would it give you a translation of the text in the language of your choice but would also tell you how to correctly pronounce the text! This app is a must-have for travelling to far-off places where you are not accustomed to the spoken language and want to enjoy a hassle-free experience.


Travelkhana is an app that will come in handy if you travel through trains in India and want to eat better food than the bland IRCTC fare. This is a 24-hour food delivery application offering a range of eating options in the cities/towns that fall on the train route you are taking, anywhere in the country.

If you ever want to make your train journey more comfortable with a meal of your choice, then download this. By simply entering your PNR number and selecting the station, you will have access to much better meals, enjoyed in the company of your loved ones, without ever having to leave your seat.


Some people travel on a budget and as a result, feel the need to track their expenses regularly. If you belong to that category then this app will be very beneficial for you. TravelSpend is a do-it-all budget control app – it allows you to add expenses on the go, split bills with fellow travellers and even convert foreign currency to a currency of your choice. Adding an entry is super easy on TravelSpend, allowing you to stick to your budget, without having to make complicated calculations.


Packpoint is designed to organise everything that you need to pack in your luggage or handbag based on the length of your trip, the destination you are visiting, the local weather for the time you would be visiting and any other planned activities for the trip.

Some of the most useful features of this application are – it accurately predicts the weather for your trip duration and makes relevant recommendations accordingly, so you need not worry about forgetting your umbrella or swimming costume! It enables and builds a customizable packing list for you whether you are biking, hiking or even travelling with a baby. You can also share your travel list with your fellow travellers for their reference as well.


These are some of the best hand-picked applications that are aimed at making travel a pleasurable experience. All 5 apps are available on iOS & Android, well-rated, user-friendly and can save a lot of time and effort for you. So do check them out before you book your next holiday!

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