Up to 22 Guests
02 Glamping Domes
01 Vintage Bungalow
01 Gleaming Cabin
01 Chalet
Add-On Experiences
Plush linen & Mattress
Free Parking
Home Cooked Meals
Ensuite Washrooms
Pet Friendly
Nature Trails
Valley View


Experience the stunning natural beauty of South India from the comforts of a modern, luxuriously built homestay within a coffee estate in Mallandur, Chikmagalur, housing two geodesic glamping (glamorous+camping) Domes, a Scandinavian-style duplex Chalet, a Gleaming Cabin made of mirrors and a Vintage Bungalow, all in one countryside compound. Seldom would you find such hospitality structures erected in the lap of nature, housed in the middle of a charming hilly village, opening up to the views of a lush valley below.

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking views of the mountains, an endless valley, and a rich green coffee estate as you float above the clouds in your futuristic, yet cosy abode.  The Domes and the Gleaming Cabin make for a perfect romantic getaway replete with bonfire evenings and an intimate outdoor dining area. The Chalet, perfect for a group of 2-4 persons, is an experience in itself. While the Bungalow is perfect for family and friends looking to spend some fun times together. 

You can book these separately depending on the kind of holiday you’re taking or book them together depending on your group size. What’s more, all of this is only a short drive away from Bengaluru.


Authentic Malanad meals in a beautiful setting

Jaadooghar Mallandur offers authentic delicious Malanad meals that are bound to tantalise your culinary senses. You can enjoy them on the beautiful patios equipped with modern dining benches looking over green valleys. Meals are directly payable for at the property itself.

Barbeque times

Fan of barbeques? Ask the host for a barbeque setup and relax soaking in the valley views and the cool breeze, while you roast away. The barbeque setup/ facility is available to property guests on a first-cum, first-served basis. Barbeque marination can either be self-prepared in your kitchenette or can be prepared by the in-house cook upon prior request and at a charge.


Experience a truly relaxing or even a romantic time in the jacuzzi, set overlooking the lush green valley outside the Gleaming Cabin. Just plant yourself in the hot tub for as long as you’d like, maybe also carry some fancy bath salts and aromatic candles, to set the mood just right! Please note that the jacuzzi is available only to the guests booking the Gleaming Cabin.

Bonfire Evenings

The property has a dedicated space for bonfires and we’d be happy to fire one up for you. Immerse in the warmth of the fire in the shroud of jackfruit trees, providing you complete privacy.
Jaadooghar Recommends: With the bonfire providing warmth during the cool night, you can lie down on the steps of the Bungalow next to the bonfire pit and indulge in star-gazing. Away from the smog-filled clouds of the city, Mallandur boasts a clear and star-filled night sky that is a sight to behold.

Short Treks

Awaken the trekkie in you and feel free to take hikes through the many trails that surround the property. You’d be surprised to see what you find here - dainty water streams, small and big farms, estates growing various kinds of coffee, fruits, pepper and much more. Walking through the village with the smell of mountain mist in the air is an indescribable experience.

4+2 Guests
Valley View
Work Desk

Prices start at : ₹12,331 per night (includes taxes and fees)

The estate includes a set of 2 Domes operating as two separate suites but rented out to guests only together because of the way they’re placed within a private area on the property, so they can accommodate a total of 4+2 persons. 

The Domes have minimalistic yet luxurious interiors with one side of the Domes opening into a lush green valley. The Domes are fixed with all modern facilities such as a kitchenette, a common dining space, comfortable beddings, a workspace and ensuite washrooms. 

Please note that the prices mentioned are for up to 4 guests for 2 domes (extra beds charged separately).

2+2 Guests
Plush Linen & Matresses
Work Desk

Prices start at : ₹7,426.76 per night (includes taxes and fees)

Built in the architectural style perfected by the Scandinavians, the Chalet is a mountain studio which features a living space on the bottom and a cosy space to sleep or lounge at the top. 

The top floor can be accessed through a bespoke ladder. The Chalet, like the Domes opens up to a balcony space with a handsome wooden patio, a table and bench, which will give you the feeling of being in the lap of the valley with splendid views all around you. 

The Chalet can house upto 4 guests- it has a queen bed on the top floor, a single bed on the ground floor along with a couch that can open up into a single bed. Please note that the prices mentioned are for up to 2 guests (extra guests charged separately).

6+6 Guests
Living Room
Prices start at : ₹10,382.70 per night (includes taxes and fees)

The Vintage Bungalow is the centre-piece of this estate and a 60 year old architectural marvel of times forgotten. 

While the Domes and the Chalet represent the future of experiential travel, the Bungalow is a throwback to a bygone era of pristine mud floors, chimneys, attics and intricate wood work. 

The Bungalow features 3 bedrooms, 3 modernised bathrooms, a living space, a dining space and a full- fledged kitchen. 

Please note that it is rented out to only one group at a time. Please note that the prices mentioned are for up to 6 guests (extra guests charged separately).

Gleaming Cabin
2+4 Guests
Motorised curtains

Prices start at : ₹9,285 per night (includes taxes and fees)

The Gleaming Cabin boasts of a unique design that seamlessly blends modern amenities with the natural environment. Made with mirror walls on the outside, completely blending it with the environment outside, it has a spacious bedroom and an elegant living space with a luxurious ensuite washroom. One of its kind in South India, you will find everything you need to make your stay comfortable, from plush furnishings to premium bedding, to outdoor and indoor sitting spaces. What’s more? It comes with a lovely outdoor jacuzzi with a range of spa options, perfect for couples. 

Please note that the prices mentioned are for up to 2 guests (extra beds charged separately).


Located at a distance of 60 kms from Kadur Railway Station and 167 kms from Mangalore Airport, the property can be reached by getting a taxi or bus from the station/airport. It can also be reached via road from Mangalore or Bangalore, which are at a distance of 160 kms and 269 kms respectively. Nestled away in a quiet pristine village in the Chikmagalur district, it is around 18 kms from Hirekolale Lake and 28 kms from the Coffee Museum, which are few of the main attractions in Chikmagalur.


Please bear in mind that the property is a homestay in a remote village of Karnataka. While we strive to make your stay absolutely memorable, sometimes things here can take a bit longer than they would in a city. The nearest market is roughly a kilometre away where you can find provision stores for buying groceries and daily need items if you wish to cook in the kitchenette.

The property has an in-house chef, so if you do not wish to cook then meals can be ordered on the property separately upon one day’s advance notice. Authentic Malanad thalis are also available upon prior order. 

Jaadooghar Recommends: Since the estate is located in an offbeat village perched on a hilltop, do carry some snacks and ready to cook items for your stay. 

CHECK-IN TIME: 2:00 PM – 8:00 PM


PETS ARE ALLOWED. Please note there may be other pets on the property