Up to 16 Guests
04 Cottages
Farm Stay
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Jaadooghar Amritsar is probably the most authentic rural village experience that you will get anywhere in India. Despite its rural exteriors, the property is equipped with all modern amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. It is a beautiful farmstay located about 90 minutes from Amritsar towards Pathankot, on the way to the hills of Jammu Kashmir, surrounded by scenic countryside, farms, villages and small canals.

Jaadooghar Amritsar aims to make the farm life of Punjab accessible to discerning travelers by offering an authentic rural experience. It aims to showcase the local life of the farming community and help conserve its heritage, culture, architecture, and cuisine.

The property consists of four independent cottages built in a traditional mud house style with well-furnished interiors. Its architecture takes inspiration from the traditional techniques of the land that dates back to the Harappan Civilization (3000 BC), characterized by the extensive use of mud and fire-baked bricks. The cottages are built in traditional village-style houses using fire-baked bricks, mud mortar, and plastered with a customized mud-straw mix. The architecture blends perfectly with the rural landscape of Punjab.

Only four cottages on the property ensure that your stay at Jaadooghar Amritsar is a very exclusive, tranquil, and relaxing experience, secluded from crowded touristy locations nearby. Spend your time here walking, cycling, taking a tractor ride or bullock cart ride, turban tying, kite flying, visiting the village Gurudwara and partaking in farming. A small canal, about 400 fully grown trees & ample birdlife at the farm make it a nature lover’s paradise. Fitness enthusiasts can choose from the various serene settings for practicing yoga and other activities.


Experience the Rural Life

Experience the authentic rural life at Jaadooghar Amristar. Live amongst acres of farmland, observe what a typical day in the life of a farmer is like, visit the local village, play rural games with the kids, fly kites, attend the local fair at the village Gurudwara. Take a walking tour of the natural/ organic farms on the estate, even partake in farming if you fancy and spend your day walking/ jogging/ running/ cycling on beautiful village back-roads.

Dil Sadda Desi

Connect with your roots through simple experiences of desi/rural life such as a cooking demo of various authentic Punjabi recipes and breads. The local plunge pool with a tube-well is a perfect desi way to cool off on a hot summer day or enjoy a dip on a sunny winter afternoon. You can also visit the village Gurudwara (Sikh Temple) and experience the opportunity to see/serve in the community kitchen aka ‘Langar’.

Jaadooghar Recommends: Every Sunday special prayers and village fair is organized in the Gurudwara which is very interesting to observe.

Tractor and Bullock Cart Rides

Bullock carts are an increasingly rare sight these days. Enjoy a special ride through the farm lands, village streets and observe rural life in slow motion. If you are lucky, the driver of the bullock cart may even invite you to his house for a cup of fresh milk! 😉

Tractors played a major role in the success of the Green Revolution in Punjab and became an inseparable part of the life of Punjabi farmers. Enjoy a ride on tractor on the country back roads and visit nearby village or the Gurudwara. You may also learn how to drive this gentle giant with the farmer as instructor by your side. 

Please note that these rides are on a chargeable basis payable directly at the property.


2+1 Guests (in each cottage)
Private Verandah

Prices start at : ₹5247.23 per night (includes taxes and fees)

The estate has 4 independent cottages with ensuite washrooms, a spacious verandah and a terrace. Each Cottage has large windows that enable guests to enjoy uninterrupted views. The verandah is equipped with a charpoy (traditional bed) for the guests to unwind, read, or laze around to enjoy the serenity. The bathrooms have modern fixtures while retaining a rustic character. Each cottage can sleep up to 3 guests. Please note that the prices mentioned are for up to 1 guest per room.


The property is located on the outskirts of the city of Amritsar, away from the hustle bustle but close enough to get to the city for some touring. Amristar airport is about 90 minutes away from the property while the nearest train station is Pathankot which is only about 45 minutes away. Local taxis to the property are easily available from Amritsar and Pathankot.


The property grows its own organic seasonal vegetables, fruits and herbs in the kitchen garden on the farm. Milk, butter milk, curd and eggs etc. are sourced from the nearby villages. Breakfast is included in the tariff while other meals can be prepared on order by the in-house kitchen staff.

Food mainly is authentic Punjabi cuisine prepared according to the guests’ preference of spices; however, little bit continental or non-Punjabi Indian food may be prepared on guests’ demand.