Jaadooghar is a one-of-a-kind travel booking platform that combines accommodations with carefully curated indigenous experiences. From the verdant green coffee estates of Chikmagalur to the bountiful abundance of Bir, Jaadooghar is traversing all corners of our beautiful country and discovering some of the most unique properties to fulfil any and all of your travel desires. Jaadooghar believes in providing a holistic experience which goes beyond merely servicing the accommodation needs of its customers. When you book a Jaadooghar property, you not only get to stay at it but also experience it unlike anywhere else. For example, if you stay at one of our coffee plantation estates, you can learn all about coffee – from the sowing of the seeds to roasting of the beans. You can even volunteer on the farm for a hands-on experience!

Our Properties Roster

The word ‘Jaadooghar’ (Language ~ Hindi) literally stands for ‘magical home’, which is why each Jaadooghar property is a home purposefully selected to give you a magical experience. The properties on the Jaadooghar roster have been carefully chosen basis their unique ability to immerse you in the environment of your choice. Properties get listed on our platform only after a very thorough filtering process that bases its results on actual experiences of our panel of travel experts. Our experts travel to and live in all listed properties beforehand to ensure that only the best options are made available to you. This serves the dual purpose of alleviating the pressure off you of finding good properties amongst thousands of listings on hundreds of websites; and it also minimizes chances of any unpleasant surprises once you get to your destination.

Our Itinerary Builder

The Jaadooghar motto is to make travel an inclusive experience. We believe that the ethos of travel is a journey of self-discovery. No rigid tour & travel packages or meaningless sight-seeing can fulfil a real traveller’s desires. The modern traveller seeks authenticity – in both accommodation and any localized, rooted experiences it has to offer. To service that need, we offer a unique Itinerary Building feature to curate the experiences of your liking that are available at or close to your chosen Jaadooghar property. We do not aim to plan your holiday for you, but only to supply all the options available at your disposal. All you have to do is drop us some information on our query form, available on the website and based on your interests, trip duration and budget, we will get back to you with the most suitable and interesting suggestions soon after. Easy.

Our Inception Story

Jaadooghar was conceived by a young Delhi based entrepreneur Divyangna Garg. Previously a full time corporate lawyer, our founder’s passion for travel and a burning desire to fill a void in the experiential travel space led her to creating Jaadooghar. The premise for a platform that provides both accommodation options as well as related local experiences – as obvious as it may sound, is a rather under-explored market. Our founder, herself an experienced traveller, was bewildered at the lack of options at her disposal. She wanted to not only create a one-stop travel solution for this issue but also go a step further by curating a roster comprising the most unique properties in India so that the consumer is assured of quality and authenticity of experience. Our founder’s endeavour to serve the entire spectrum of travel preferences and sensibilities has led to Jaadooghar – a magical travel platform.